Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are the guided tours for? 
The guided tours are open to all individuals who have an interest in exploring the forest and learning about the mushrooms that grow in and around Berlin. No prior knowledge about mushrooms is required. The tours will be conducted in English.

2. Is the tour suitable for children?
While the tour is primarily designed for adults, children who are interested in foraging are more than welcome to join! Please note that children aged 12 and over will need to pay for their own spot. For parents with toddlers and babies, please consider that certain areas of the forest may not be accessible with strollers, and attending to your child's needs may result in missing some parts of the tour.

3. Are pets allowed on the tour?
Sorry, pets are encouraged to stay at home, due to the possibility of triggering fear or allergies among other participants during the tour. 

4. How much do the tours cost?
The price of a group tour varies, as it depends on the type of tour. Group tour prices range from 25€ - 60€ per person. Alternatively, if you prefer a private tour, the price begins at 225€, varying based on the size of your group. 

5. How long will the tour be? Can I leave early?
Depending on the type of tour, a group tour typically lasts either 1.5 hours or 3 hours. If you find it necessary to leave at any point, please feel free to do so. Just let me know at the beginning of the tour if you anticipate needing to depart early.

6. Which forest will we be visiting?
Given the rain-dependent nature of mushrooms, I often scout for a suitable location around a week ahead of our excursion. Since the exact forest may vary, I can't specify the meeting point in advance. However, rest assured, you will receive an email a few days prior to our excursion with the meeting details and other important information. Additionally, the chosen forest will be easily accessible via public transportation.

7. What kind of terrain can I expect on the tour? How much walking will there be?
We will be venturing off the main path of the forest, so please anticipate uneven and unpaved terrain. While we won't be hiking the entire time, plan to be on your feet for several hours.

8. What should I wear for the tour? 
Please wear weather-appropriate clothing, including comfortable walking shoes and layers. Consider bringing waterproof clothing and/or an umbrella in case of rain.

9. What happens if it rains?
The tour will take place regardless of the weather, except for cases of heavy rainstorms or extreme weather conditions. In such instances, the tour will be rescheduled for another day. You will receive an email notification as soon as possible about any cancellations or rescheduling.

10. What should I bring on the tour?
It is recommended to bring snacks and something to drink to keep yourself refreshed during the tour. You may also want to bring a knife and a paper bag or basket in case we come across something to forage.

11. Will I be able to find edible mushrooms to take home with me?
As this is primarily an educational tour, there is no guarantee that we will find edible mushrooms to take home.

12. Is the tour accessible for people with disabilities?
Unfortunately, the forest is not accessible to individuals with mobility issues due to the off-path walking involved. However, if you have other accessibility needs, please CONTACT ME in advance, and I will do my best to accommodate your needs.

13. What is the cancellation policy?
Reservations canceled at least 2 weeks before the scheduled tour date will receive a 50% refund. Unfortunately, no refunds will be issued for cancellations made within 2 weeks of the tour.

14. Can I reschedule a tour if I am unable to attend?
You can reschedule without any charge up to 1 week before the original tour date. After this period, rescheduling will only be considered in exceptional circumstances and will be subject to a fee. Please be aware that any requests for cancellation or date changes outside of the specified timeframes mentioned will not be granted.

15. Is it possible to give my ticket to someone else?
Yes, you can transfer your ticket to someone else. However, please inform me beforehand so that important information such as the meeting point and what to bring can be provided to the new ticket holder in due time.

16. How do I redeem a gift certificate?
You can apply your gift certificate during checkout after adding a ticket to your basket. Before completing your purchase, enter your unique voucher code in the "add discount code" section at the bottom of the screen. Once applied, click "secure checkout" to continue. You will be redirected to PayPal, where you can confirm the applied gift certificate. (Please note that due to technical reasons, the final subtotal may display as 0.01€; however, this amount will be refunded to you at the start of the tour.)

17. What kind of expertise does the guide have?
Vivian has years of experience identifying and studying mushrooms. She is also an active member of the Berlin-Brandenburg Mycological Society (Pilzkundliche Arbeitsgemeinschaft Berlin-Brandenburg.)

18. How do I get in touch if I have additional questions or concerns?
Send me a MESSAGE.

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